Every business wants to make sales, and your website can be a great place to do just that.

Here is how you can drive sales through your website design:

1. Have a well-designed landing page.

You need to capture your online audience’s attention. How’re you going to do it?
One way is to build a landing page that attracts, engages, and delights your audience (a lesson in inbound marketing).
Creating a landing page that converts your online visitors need to be a top priority, add live chat app and make visuals look engaging plus attractive. The page not only needs to look good, but it also needs to prompt your audience to click on the “Buy now!” button.
The difficulty in convincing your audience is hard to predict.
For brands that are social, have been in the game for a while, and have made sure that their website is designed to convert, they will have an easier time meeting their sales target.
On the other hand, for relatively smaller businesses that are have only recently started their journey, converting people is a definite challenge.
Not to mention that different kinds of audiences and traffic sources can have a pretty significant impact on your overall conversion and sales.
But creating good content around your brand and making sure that your website is prepared to handle and convert any people that land on your website is the first step in increasing your sales.

2. Place the right kind of CTA buttons.

CTA (Call to Action) buttons are essential.
If you’re expecting your audience to make the right decisions for you on your own, then you might be mistaken.
Consumers should always be given a gentle nudge about what action(s) you would like them to take and if you get successful in that than more people would behave in reciprocal determinism manner.
Taking the time to come up with relevant CTA buttons that adequately prompt your audience to make the right choices is something you will need to look into in detail.
Follow industry best practices, but don’t limit your site to them alone. Look at other websites and try to incorporate how they utilize CTA buttons if you think they will help you make more sales.

3. Feature reviews from past customers.

Social proof is essential for sales.
Consumers want to make sure that their money is spent on a product or service that will bring value. Showing your audience that your offer works aren’t going to be enough; your audience needs more.
Featuring reviews from past customers is a great way to convince your audience that your business is the right choice.
When featuring reviews, make sure that you place your past customer’s website beneath their study. This will help them get more visibility for their website, while you can make your reviews more credible at the same time.
Having pictures with reviews is also something that you might want to look into. But always ask your past customers first for their consent.

4. Offer limited products and variations.

Giving too many options to a prospecting customer is not a smart thing to do.
Having a lot of choices is not a good thing, contrary to popular belief indeed. You do not want to flood your online visitors with so many options that they are overwhelmed and unable to go to the checkout page with a single product.
Let’s take an example from online clothing stores. Stores that have too many options are not able to land a lot of conversions. Consequently, stores with a limited number of variations for their products do pretty well at converting their online audience.
Fun fact. T-shirt stores that only show variations of darker colors can generate more than t-shirt stores that offer lighter colors.
Make sure that the products you are offering on your website are prominent and limited. Having some variety is always appreciated, but keep your offers limited if you want to increase your sales.


Every website owner and marketer wants to generate more sales from their websites. Ultimately, it comes down to how far you are willing to optimize your website and ensure that your audience has a sublime and remarkable experience on your website.
Over time, it will be increasingly crucial for you to find new ways to innovate and make your site a more valuable resource to your audience as that is a must have for websites that want to generate sales.