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Thread: DUmbmdee vs Frenchtrash

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    DUmbmdee vs Frenchtrash

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    no flip or no reverse
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    Post Re: DUmbmdee vs Frenchtrash

    dirty bitch come here I will not spare you
    no matter how much you beg me, I came to behead you
    your teeth are so yellow that my piss is jealous
    You do the rapper, you are BIG, BITCH, but not NOTORIOUS
    ugly when you get on the bus child ask to wonder if you're a monster
    For Halloween, you come without a disguise, and you win the competition for the most awful costume of monster
    The girls, you call them a bitch, because by dint of you banding soft, they will look elsewhere,dude!
    You are misogynistic, but if there were only guys like you, it would be normal for them to be misused
    My name is trash, but you are the big waste!
    you have the ego but you have neither the money, nor the talent, nor the whore in Kanye West
    I don't even see why I'm fighting you, you're too bad
    Your physique is creepy, you are even less manly and imposing, than the hippie cuck in American Dad
    you are the worst of all of us, your kind of girls, they are the ones who grow up
    You should battle it out, and be natural without playing a role, on stage, you would be good at show of stand-up
    you are a notorious incompetent, in the kitchen you made your pasta water charred ....
    The sts is the only thing, that with a woman, you can share ...

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    Re: DUmbmdee vs Frenchtrash

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