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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    im spitting lyrics not giving a fuck if it's even rhyming
    just letting the lyrics flow forget about the timing
    because the planets are aligning while Ragian's shining like the sun
    im doing a free in front of everyone, what's said cannot be undone
    so sit back and relax, im not wack, im feeling this there's no turning back
    today I went to the strip club, met a fine dime named Mila
    she let me feel-her, smelt her, smooth skin all over
    and damn she so fine I want her to be mine
    but I know all she want from is my dough
    so fuck that hoe!!! tomorrow imma spend some cash and fuck that hoe
    Trapped in a cage outside of time,
    I'm left with nothing but these words to rhyme,
    Words that used to punish my mind...

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    I’m in a lambo wit rims that got spinners ,
    I can’t condone you if you don’t got respect ,
    Cuz I’ll hit ya ,
    Rich cat on a crotch rocket ,
    Fourty fives from the pawn shop I cop often ,
    Wit no problem ,
    Spray your whip up ,
    2pac ,
    like who shot ya? ,
    Lemon’s all in my mom’s fish ,
    Goin to Long John’s livin it ,
    with a AK ,
    under my arm pits ,
    Cat’s I swarm with ,
    We hittin up stores and stealin Jordan shoes ,
    I live life like a king I can’t afford to lose ,
    I’m fortunate ,
    I got what I’m supposed to get ,
    I shine in a bolder whip ,
    Stay cold wit it ,
    Work on the strip ,
    Go to the jeweler ,
    and get a colder wrist ,
    guidin the shots comin from the ghost I’m rollin in ,
    uh ,
    I’m hotter than parogies get ,
    Think I pause wit the beef like I work at McDonalds? ,
    Look ,
    I drain shots in skulls like acid rain in a hollow ,
    Judges gauge felonies on their seats ,
    Soon as the focus off the jury the defense takes the heat ,
    Cat’s try to son me like I can’t speak ,
    Till I act five thirty four like my name was Memphis Bleek ,
    Strangulation or Shots ,
    You kill a man followin the code of the streets ,
    Cat’s don’t plan to die ,
    and that’s the code of the weak ,
    If you shootin you better believe in your talent ,
    Go to the pen a murderer after you knocked off the wildest

    You catís live ,
    but Iímma take all yalls hope ,
    I aint great ,
    Although some of yall call me a goat

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Designer tight. Iron Mike Tyson, license to spit fire
    - right into your faces, again.
    In butane cases. I've replaced it, with phlegm.
    Tracing my lineage through the spaces, will cause the matrix, to bend...
    The agents are then tasked with which data, to send...
    Stoned faced, like Masonry, fend off a few cases, we
    creatively finding out ways that we decimate your chi...
    Break your fucking foot loose - that Kevin Bacon spree...
    Face it, he don't know what it's like to be in complacency.
    Word... n' back to the scheduled program.
    Conan, carrying warrior heads, in both hands.
    I could be stranded, n' still hydrated for many, a night.
    Perennial light. Gentle giant. Remind the atmosphere of Lenny, from Mice...
    - of men. Slice it in... -to the middle, then throw the hyphen in.
    Fuel is always full in this bitch... no need for siphoning.
    Cyphering all day, to project hallway types, who spend...
    their days, on the stoop, till the city turns on the lights, again.
    That's real talk. Mass appeal, for every meal, bought.
    Hollywood Hogan heel, shock the crowd for every skill, brought
    - to the masses. Too much classics break the seams.
    But I'm woke, I don't stay in dreams.
    So to say I'm a trained machine. The demigod of creative schemes.
    Labor keeps on going until the Augean stable's clean.
    Who fucking with me? You got teeth in your mouth that you will be lucky to keep
    if you utter another word, night night punches put you fuckers to sleep!
    Yeah, fuck being subtle, bitch.
    I've become an asshole because of this. So I dare you to shoot,
    cause I don't fucking miss.
    Knuckles lift your spirits, like a guidance counselor.
    I'm at your bridal shower, while your wife is hiding her cookies, like a private browser.
    Nah, I'm a get it, either way.
    We done played a nickle up in that slot, the shot like the meter maid.
    You should've known Celph is a beast. Selfish with each punch he be throwing.
    Fuck with the Omen. That's not something you are comfortable knowing.
    Let alone, experiencing. My tier is akin to the shadow walker.
    I battle proper. Y'all lambs to the slaughter.
    Planning to harbor the foresight needed to take me on.
    I hope you're a fan of the opera. Rocking flannel, I walk up
    to the driver side of your car, knock on the window.
    Pop the cartridge in, like you got a Nintendo.
    You're heaving, try to catch your breath. You open the car door,
    I let you take an extra step.
    Wu said to Protect Ya Neck. I go for the head - that's word to Inspectah Deck!
    I pop you in, like a decked cassette.
    The Last Boy Scout - you blow your brains out, at the beginning.
    There's too much rapture to live in
    The final chapter is written backwards,
    While the pastor is livid, mass attempts to seek out the chapel's forgiveness.
    The apple, it glistens, with Adam & Eve.
    Lying back, till they see a snake that's latched in the tree, before he asks 'em to eat it...
    And that's the deceit to beget the wrath he received, after he seen it.
    Word, but back to this genius.
    After you read this, you feel the forces of nature
    - proportionate to a God - run its course, on a paper.
    The vital organs that play the... quantum orchestra...
    of torturous labor... the vessel, providing this generation the source, to Omega.


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